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Effective Ways to Promote Your Website and Expand Your Business

Creating a website is one of the most critical steps toward small business success in today's world. It's a prerequisite for establishing an online presence and expanding your business. When people visit your website, you have the opportunity to learn more about them and potentially convert them into an advocate, partner, or client. It's a victory if any of these things happen. Now, how do you get visitors to your website? Using Digitalapss’s all-in-one marketing platform, you can seamlessly promote your website across all your marketing channels. Try these 5 approaches to drive site traffic. 1. Optimize your website for organic search When someone types a word or sentence into a search engine to find a website, several business relationships are created. That's what we call organic search at work. It's easier to attract more visitors if you know what search terms people are currently using to find your website. These terms might be specific to you, such as a brand

Reasons To Include SMS Marketing In Your Marketing Plan

Many people think the use of text messages is old-fashioned. And for that reason, there are a lot of marketers who ignore or do not even consider using this technology in the first place. SMS is very much alive and well, though, and it provides you with a unique opportunity to meet your customers in a position they don't expect, generating a great sense of novelty that can contribute to better interaction. There are also plenty of reasons to include text messages in your overall marketing plan, such as: 1. It’s real-time Once delivered, the SMS is opened almost systematically. The statistics speak: the SMS channel guarantees open rates above 98%. And of this 98 percent, within three minutes of delivery 90 percent occurs. These statistics show SMS as a tool for real-time marketing. It's no surprise that the preferred customer care methods for customers include support via SMS. There are several ways to manage customer relationships using SMS-to seek feedback, receive support,

E-Commerce Website Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021

The 2021 e-commerce web design trends are here! When it comes to design, we keep a close eye on the latest trends. We created this e-commerce design trends blog after conducting extensive research. There's a lot to look forward to in 2021, from bright colors to vaporwave aesthetics. We hope that these trends will help you stay ahead of the game and encourage you to create highly functional and user-friendly e-commerce websites . 12 e-Commerce Design Trends, Standards, and Predictions for 2021 1. Striking Colors and Attractive Typography Colors and typography are two of the most persuasive features of a web design. Because of their complex neuro-associations, they have psychological impacts on customers. This year, bold, vivid, and eye-catching colors will be used more frequently. Things will be kept as simple as possible in terms of design. But subtle and cool colors will be used in order to make users stay on the e-commerce website. 2. Taking a Mobile-First Approach We are living

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing: All You Need To Know About

 In today's world, marketing is so important that even the best products and services may fail if they don't have the right kind of vibrant marketing. The good news is that marketing has never been simpler than it is now, thanks to the advent of digitization. There are numerous high-quality marketing channels available from which you can advertise your goods and meet millions of potential customers. WhatsApp has its own significance among these various channels, many of which are accessible through social media. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet, thanks to the sheer number of people who use it. DigitalApss Whatsapp Marketing Application This means that if you can use it to a good effect the promotional activity is a smooth process. WhatsApp is an extremely popular messenger application that is used widely to communicate with friends and family. With over 900 million users and steadily growing even know the importance of this being used for marketi

The Future Of Email Marketing in India

 Email is alive and here to stay for long, with nearly 122,500,453,020 emails sent per hour in India. Though marketers around the world adopt advanced email personalization, India leaves no stone unturned to win the email game. A decade back, things were different when internet penetration was poor and e-commerce wasn't so fierce. Over the years, though, things have changed dramatically. First of all, in India, the sending frequency seems to be very high. At least one email a week is sent by about 59 percent of email marketers and 29 percent of marketers send an email daily. More than 50,000 emails are sent out daily by 30 percent of marketers. Secondly, email is welcomed as a special program by most email marketers , deployed for new signups or registrations. Discount coupons remain limited to 20% of advertisers who want to do so as a policy. According to the AIMIA 2014 Loyalty Report, 45% of Indian consumers replied to 'Email deals' when asked about the behaviors that con

Why Your Business Should Use SMS Marketing?

SMS has a far higher open rate than other modes of messaging, and it reaches people on a more personal basis. And businesses are working out how to make the best of it. SMS marketing , in all of its forms, is gaining popularity in a wide variety of businesses, including mine. It can seem intrusive, but in my experience, with the right approach, you can turn "invasive" into "personal." Here are some reasons why you should include bulk message marketing in your marketing plan. 1. Messages are almost always read. Everyone uses email marketing, so you're definitely one of them. What's the best open rate you've ever had? Maybe 10% of the time? 20% of what? If you're doing good, why not 30%? According to Mailchimp, the average across all sectors is just over 21%. The open rate for SMS messages is as high as 98 percent. Email is blown out of the water by this. However, you must receive the customer's consent to send them text messages legally. You must

How To Do Bulk Email Campaigns That Actually Work?

Email blast campaigns enable marketers to reach hundreds or even thousands of people in one go.  Unfortunately, some associate the term with irrelevant and unwelcome emails. For many, “blasting” emails to your list is an outdated and unethical practice, no different from the spray-and-pray method found in spam folders everywhere.  That’s why sending the exact same email to an entire list, with zero personalization, has little to no place in email marketing today.  With the right approach and an effective email blast service, it’s entirely possible to send an email blast campaign that’s relevant, welcome, and engaging.  Why should you send email blasts? Emailing every single one of your customers and subscribers individually is impractical for scaling businesses. As soon as you have more than a handful of people on your email list, regular one-to-one communication becomes impossible. That said, even though your customers understand that email blasts are sent to large lists, they still a